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Laser and Radar Detectors
Pull pin smoke grenades!

Pull pin Smoke Grenade Great for Paintball, senario games, and tactical training!

Great for Paintball, Scenario games, Military training, Law Enforcement training and more!


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Qty pricing as low as $6.00 per smoke grenade 

Click on the links above to see hand flares and parachute flares!

What are smoke grenades?

Pull Paint Grenades!!

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And Thunder Flashes

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Infrared Heater Radiant Heater!

For your Shop, Garage, or Barn!

Heat your Garage Shop, or Barn and save money doing it with Electric infrared radiant heat!

Great Value!

Brown Finish 5K Btu's 120V 1.5 Kw


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$138.00 + $15.00 s/h

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What is infrared heating?

E l e c t r i c R a d i a n t H e a t e r s

Check out our Electric Infra Red Heating units for indoor and outdoor Uses!

We have specials that are 40% off of MFG suggested retail!

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Laser and Radar Detectors
Plasma, LCD TV's
DVD Recorder's
Portable DVD Players
Car Audio Amplifiers
Satellite systems
Free Money from the Government
Radiant Infrared Heaters (gas)
Radiant Tube Infrared Heaters (gas)
Electric Radiant Heaters
Air Conditioners
Tankless Water Heaters



Pull-pin smoke grenades
Fuse lit smoke grenades
Hand Flares
Parachute Flares
Electric ignition flameless smoke grenade

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